The Best Way to Dispose of Demolition Debris

Demolition and construction projects leave behind tons of debris. Expectedly, this waste is not like the garbage you have at home or work. It is bulky, heavy, and requires more labor to get rid of it completely. If you want to leave the site clean and safe, you have to consider other forms of disposal.

Moving concrete, wood, bricks, metal, glass, and other construction materials is a process that should be done safely to avoid injury and breakage. So, how do you ensure that demolition debris is disposed of properly without posing hazards to construction workers and passersby? The solution lies in high-quality rolloff containers, also known as dumpsters.

Dumpsters are the easiest way to get rid of construction remains without incurring hefty prices. However, selecting the right rolloff dumpsters and hiring services needs a lot of planning to avoid wasting your time and money.

Importance of Dumpsters

Perhaps the biggest advantage of rolloff dumpsters is that you toss the fragments out and forget about them. You do not have to sort through the debris or make several trips to dispose of the deposits. Dumpsters are heavy-duty and spacious, so you can throw all the debris in one big rolloff container and simplify the demolition clean-up.

Additionally, rolloff dumpsters come in different sizes. Small demolition and construction projects require smaller containers. Before renting dumpsters in Minnesota, consult with your rental company to get a suitable size for all the waste. Giving the company detailed information about the size of the projects will help them know which rolloff dumpster size is the best for you.

For instance, small projects may require 20-30 cubic yard dumpsters. On the other hand, big projects with a lot of debris need at least 40 cubic yard containers. These containers are built to last – you never have to worry about breaking or wrecking them. They are designed to carry slabs, ceramics, soil, and other construction materials without getting damaged.

Precautions When Handling a Dumpster

Selecting rolloff dumpsters is relatively easy, given that you have a professional team working with you. However, safety and precautions measures are not common to every laborer or contractor.

To make sure you and your workforce are out of harm’s way, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not lift extremely heavy objects
  • Do not move the roll-off dumpster – leave it to the service providers or experts
  • Do not climb into the container save for when you have to
  • Do not throw highly flammable and hazardous waste into the receptacle
  • Do not overfill the rolloff dumpster at any time
  • Always remember there are weight limits, and stick to them
  • Keep the debris ready for disposal after contacting your service provider

Finding the Right Dumpster Rental Company in Minnesota

Before renting a rolloff dumpster, you have to think about convenience, availability, size, and other factors. Opatz Metals and Rolloffs is the easiest way for you to get quality services at an affordable price. Whether it is a demolition and clean-up, dumpster rentals, scrap metal recycling, or oil disposal – you mention it.

Call today and get a free estimate on your rolloff dumpster rental!

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