• General FAQs

    • How Can I Pay for My Rolloff Dumpster?

      Garbage dumpsters need to be paid for before delivery unless the order has been preapproved. Other payments are due upon receiving the invoice. We accept major credit cards, personal checks, and cash.

    • What Size Dumpster Should I Get?

      At Opatz Metals & Rolloffs, we'll help you get the right dumpster for your project. We'll only charge you for the amount of material in the dumpster, no matter what size you rent.

    • How Full Can I Fill My Dumpster?

      For the safety of our drivers and the safety of motorists while the dumpster is in transit, dumpsters cannot have materials higher than the full level marker.

    • What Can I Put in My Rolloff Dumpster?

      Please see the lists of Acceptable Garbage Materials and Acceptable Construction Materials above. If you need to dispose of specialty materials, please call us!

    • Will My Driveway or Yard Get Damaged?

      Our drivers are highly experienced professionals. We take extra steps to prevent damage during rolloff drop-offs, including placing boards beneath the dumpsters.

      Note: Opatz Metals & Rolloffs is not held liable for any driveway or yard damage caused during the delivery or pickup of rolloff dumpsters.

    • How Long Can I Have My Rolloff Dumpster?

      Our service includes a maximum of two weeks unless a longer period has been arranged. There is an additional charge per day for keeping the dumpster longer than two weeks, particularly during our busy season (summer months).

    • What Is Your Rolloff Dumpster Service Area?

      We provide rolloff dumpsters throughout Central Minnesota. Please contact us for more information about the cities and towns in our service area.

    • How Quickly Can I Get a Rolloff Dumpster Delivered?

      Opatz Metals & Rolloffs can provide you with standard delivery within two to three days. Next-day delivery may be available — please call for details.